Friday, August 13, 2010

Shiny Happy Loneliness

I really liked this.  I think it's super cute, and a testament that we should all learn to be comfortable with ourselves.  And no, being on your laptop or your phone doesn't count.

Maybe there really is something to the whole "love yourself" mantra we keep hearing about. ; )

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Despicable Me

Oh my goodness.  My Mom and Dad took the whole family on Saturday to see "Despicable Me" for Kyle's birthday (omgoodness, totally can't believe that he's two now!), and we *loved* it.  When I say "loved," I mean loved like "you're totally not going to finish that box of Godiva chocolates, are you?"  I mean, "yes, yes, of course I'll take that Joann's gift card off your hands" kind of love.  It is adorably cute.  It may be a Universal Pictures release, but it's cute enough to be a Pixar.  Anywho, for those of you with the ticket monies and the 95 minutes to spare, it's excellent.  I was shocked at how well the kids did through the movie too.  They really, really loved it.  The minions weren't always, um, well behaved, but thankfully I think my kids were too young to really understand most of the crudeness.  They would just lean over and poke me to say "Mommy, that man's being mean."  So, full disclosure, there are mean men.  And an angry shark.  And cute girls in tutus.  Totally worthwhile.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Honeybee Documentary

Okay, please, please, please be nice.  It's dorky.  I know.  It looks like something the AV club at my middle school might have put together back in the day.  The story probably doesn't help that either.  Ah well. Sigh.  That's what you get with two weeks to put together a documentary I guess.  Eventually, assuming that I get around to it, I would really, really, really like to take out all the PP slides and just do voice-over and footage or pictures.  But again, two weeks people and I had absolutely no idea what in the hidy-ho I was doing.  So... without any further ado: bees.

Bee Movie: The Fate and Future of the American Honeybee from Fay Laverty on Vimeo.