Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life... Again... and Pillowcases!!!

Wow. So I am an exceptionally bad blogger I've decided. That, or life just has it's grimy little clutches in me a little deeper than I thought. I promise, I really, really, really don't mean to neglect you all. You are fantastic! You are amazing! You send me really great feedback and are so, so, so completely forgiving of all those super depressing horrid posts I had way back at the beginning. But... you've stuck with me through it all(again, you guys are amazing), and I'm coming back in for a little update on the world.

Here are some of the things that we have been up to lately:

Fall has officially descended upon the greater Seattle area, and we've had rain for four or five days straight now. Today, I finally got the kiddos to go play "puddle ducks" outside.

The water runs off our front porch in kind of a funny way, so we always have this sinkhole where it drains.  Ande and Kyle love to play in it though.  Ande is splashing, and Kyle is sticking his naked bare feet into the water and then shouting "Ew! Ew! Ew!" which made me laugh hysterically.

We picked blackberries.
We picked blueberries.

We had Kyle's big boy second birthday (which is still a little scary for his mama).

My parents came out to visit us (for the big man's b-day).

We've gone to the zoo a couple of times.

We've gone to the aquarium a couple of times.

We visited Pike Street Market, about which --eesh-- all I can say is that I have absolutely no desire to ever go back again.

We attempted to go to the ocean, only to get rained out.

We visited Cle Elum, which has a very nice little bakery by the way.

We've shared colds (thank you local school district).

And watched more than our fair share of Disney movies.

We've also played lots of kick-a-ball and blown at least a couple million bubbles at the local parks.

So, while I am sadly remiss as a parent in my photo-taking, it appears that our Summer wasn't *entirely* wasted.  

It's still incredibly sad to me though that we've been ready to pick pumpkins for a month due to the chilly weather, and that the sun has apparently gone into hibernation until next July 5th.  

I'm beginning to think that Arizona could be a wonderful place to live....


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  2. I got your FB message - I hope it all works out to get to to a sunnier state! Thinking of you all the time. Kim

  3. Ande's hair looks super cute now.