Sunday, June 27, 2010

School. Work. Life. Crazy!

Wow. So, honestly folks, I do have that photo tutorial half-done for you all. Honestly. Truly. And I have even more fun stuff on my external hard drive, except that the mini-usb hub just died on it.

Truth be told though, life has gotten just a wee bit more overwhelming than I was planning for the last couple of weeks. My two summer courses got turned from 10-week classes into 8-week classes. That doesn't seem like it would be a big deal, but really, what it means is that two of those 8 weeks, I do twice the work (you know, we wouldn't want a professor to actually have to rearrange their curriculum). And since I have two courses, it's looking like it will be four weeks of twice the work. Joy. At least they're not overlapping. Honestly, it could be worse.

I think I've found a job. Maybe. Possibly. If the owner-operator will return my phone call before the next month is over I'll be able to tell. Maybe. Possibly.

The housing situation has gotten a little... er... um... interesting. Yes. Interesting. Interesting is a very safe word.

We started dog training. Wow. That is really and truly unbelievably cool so far. We just had our first session on Friday, and if this works out, I will be shouting to the rooftops how awesome these people are. So far though, it's very cool. I'm hoping that it will cure my labby-australian-cattle-dog mix of her aggressivenss.

Anywho, long story short, my blog is not making it to the top of my list of priorities. I have about four-hundred pages of reading to do in my grammatical texts (which yes, I actually do enjoy), not to mention the final draft I just turned in of a memoir about the night that Carrick died. I'm not thrilled with it yet, there was a 2,000 word maximum on the paper, and I think it's definitely going to turn into at least twice that by the time I'm really done, but for now, it's a good start. It was very ... well, healing, I guess too. I'm a living cliche` at this point.

Life is good, in a weird sort of way. But I'll just keep plugging along for now. Honestly though, I do have some really, really fantastic ideas for this beautiful little widget that I call a blog. And if I'm really, really good, one day, I might even deserve all of you fantastic readers!

Ciao for now. ; )

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